Strategic coaching

L’accompagnement stratégique

Complice du développement de la stratégie de tes projets je t’accompagne comme Mentor, Consultant, Formateur et Agent à chacune des étapes clés de ton projet.

Un accompagnement stratégique pour toutes les étapes clés de ton projet

My mission is to permettre de donner des ailes à tes activités en t’aidant à structurer et renforcer ta stratégie. Regarding économique, marketing que dans le pilotage de tes activités, l’objectif est de te permettre d’être serein pour la suite de ton développement.

Here are the key steps of the coaching mission:

1 – Analyses initiales

We start from the existing to analyze your daily actions, your strengths, weaknesses and new levers to strengthen your business model.

2 – Conseils & Recommandations

Improvement phase of your actions, process and strategy. This step also makes it possible to identify the key assumptions to be validated for your development.

3 – Plan d’actions stratégique

From the preliminary work done, we can create a new strategic action plan that will allow your structure to take off.

4 – Actions stratégiques

Once the actions have been carried out, we carefully analyze them to identify the keys that will allow you to be calm for the future.

5 – Evaluation & Améliorations

Continuous improvement is essential for the sustainability of an activity and its development. This phase allows you to create a sustainable plan that you can follow independently.

Une approche stratégique qui favorise l’action et les résultats

In the context of the missions entrusted to me, I use theLean Startup Approach (or Agile) which makes it possible to experiment and validate hypotheses quickly thanks to iterative loops (shown in the diagram opposite).


A virtuous process in four main phases that do not stop: generate ideas, build, put into action, measure and learn.


This approach greatly facilitates the putting into action, concentrating on the essentials and avoiding wasting your energy and reacting, bouncing or even pivoting quickly with a minimum investment of resources and time.

Une approche pédagogique horizontale qui facilite l’apprentissage rapide

The participatory pedagogy places my partners at the center of the learning system and promotes transmission horizontal between peers.


Depending on your needs and challenges, the participatory tools are used so that you are at the heart of the process. This enables your organization, team and stakeholders to be able to quickly integrate new information and put it into practice. The tools used are operational and adapted (because co-created following your feedback) and will allow you to perpetuate the process thereafter.


Each of the transmission and sharing of knowledge is adapted to your situation, your needs and your specific strategy in order to correspond as closely as possible to your reality and your daily life.

The answers to your frequently asked questions:

À qui s’adresse votre accompagnement stratégique ?

Strategic support is mainly aimed at:

  • CEOs and Founders
  • Impact Entrepreneurs
  • Freelancers

Who wish to develop their activities to finally live serenely.

Quels sont les prérequis avant de se lancer dans ce type d’accompagnement ?

  • Have a clear idea of ​​the activity you want to develop,
  • Have a legal structure allowing you to develop your turnover,
  • Understanding of entrepreneurial language,
  • Master the basics of communication and marketing.

Quelle est la durée moyenne de ce type d’accompagnement ?

Depending on your needs and the stage of your activity, the support lasts between 3 months and 6 months.

Quels sont les objectifs clés et résultats auxquels je peux m’attendre ?

  • Structure your development strategy,
  • Acquire professional tools to help you in the strategic management of your business,
  • Strengthen your business model and value proposition,
  • Refine your knowledge of your targets,
  • Develop an effective marketing strategy to grow your turnover.
  • Prioritize your ideas and formalize them in a strategic action plan.

What is the average budget for this kind of coaching mission?

Strategic support is a specific and tailor-made response to your needs, priorities, structure and stage of progress. The range extends from 590 euros up to 10,000 euros including tax.

Quel est l’investissement en temps que cela va me demander ?

Once again, everything depends on the objectives and the time we set for this support. It can take anywhere from a few hours to a day a week.

What are the key skills that I will develop?

  • Lean project management,
  • Economic strategy of your company,
  • Marketing and communication strategy on social networks,
  • Implementation of an analysis and continuous improvement system for your business.

Is it face-to-face or digital support?

Everything takes place exclusively online which allows greater flexibility and a wide range of tools to use. All you need is a computer and a good internet connection.


My priority is that you can shine by developing your projects and your strategy!

  • Synthetic follow-ups after each session to see the progress made
  • Specific exercises between each session

  • An external network of multidisciplinary and recognized experts
  • Tailor-made advice to help you make yourself known and promote your know-how
  • Understand who to contact (institutional, patrons, donors, business angels, etc.) at all stages of your project and development life
  • A good dose of humor and fun during our exchanges
  • Synthetic follow-ups after each session to see the progress made
  • Specific exercises between each session

  • An external network of multidisciplinary and recognized experts
  • Tailor-made advice to help you make yourself known and promote your know-how
  • Understand who to contact (institutional, patrons, donors, business angels, etc.) at all stages of your project and development life
  • A good dose of humor and fun during our exchanges

Let's discuss together about your dreams

Continuous evaluation based on more than 60 customer feedback
Cédric a accompagné Kodiko ( à travers une mission conseil visant à renforcer les partenariats entreprises et le rayonnement de l’antenne strasbourgeoise de l’association. Son expérience d’entrepreneur et sa connaissance du public lui a permis de bien cerner nos enjeux stratégiques. Cédric a su s’adapter à toutes les cibles en interagissant de manière constructive, et ce dans un contexte difficile. Il a une force de conviction et une agilité qui permettent de bien aborder un prospect.
Cécile PIERRAT-SCHIEVERCo-Fondatrice & Présidente @Kodiko
J’ai sollicité Cédric au moment où je faisais prendre un virage à mon entreprise, et où j’avais besoin de deux choses : avoir une offre plus clair, et me sentir plus armée et légitime notamment dans mon discours. 4 séances plus tard, c’est chose faite ! Je ne me suis jamais sentie si confiante et à ma place dans mon activité et la manière dont j’en parle ! J’ai adoré travaillé avec toi Cédric, et j’espère que ce n’est que le début d’autres projets, cher partenaire… YOU ROCK !!
Diane DOMONConsultante & Coach en Communication Responsable @Z’Est
Au début, j’avais un projet de cœur (lancer un podcast), une communauté à faire grandir et à engager, et des tas d’idées et d’envies qui gravitaient autour.
Mais je manquais de méthode, de vision, de stratégie.
Cédric a été le guide, le mentor, l’accompagnant qu’il me fallait.
Ensemble, nous avons établi des priorités, réfléchi stratégie, pensé moyen terme, évalué l’essentiel vs. le futile.
Sa méthodologie, son écoute, sa finesse et son expérience m’ont été extrêmement précieuses.
Je n’ai jamais autant et aussi bien avancé sur un projet qu’avec l’œil et le soutien de Cédric.
Marie GIRARDIN LEPINEEntrepreneure & Traductrice @Chamade
Son accompagnement est précieux pour la mise en place d’un projet, tant d’un point de vue stratégique que communication et réflexion. Il est motivant, perspicace, à l’écoute, professionnel et est de bon conseil 🙂 Merci Cédric. C’est un plaisir de collaborer 😊
Sandrine ANKAOUA
Sandrine ANKAOUASolopreneure & Fondatrice @S’Ankha
I chose to call on Cédric to support me in the strategic and commercial development of my business. And it’s a decision that I welcome. I have to say that I have rarely met someone so successful in my professional life. Its benevolent and intelligent listening, the great relevance of its analyzes and its recommendations, its operational efficiency and its commitment make it an invaluable partner. When Cédric has decided to hold your hand, he won't let go and does everything he can to lead you to success. He follows things through without leaving anything to chance and makes no empty promises. As far as I'm concerned, it went way beyond my expectations. And my investment in our collaboration quickly paid off. I can therefore highly recommend it to you!
Leïla MARTINEntrepreneure, Influenceuse et Blogueuse @LeïlaMartin @JeVaisVousCuisiner
I was drowned in all my ideas and couldn't go back to the office! Thanks to precise objectives and regular exercises, I learned the next steps to finally feel free and fulfill in my project! I do not regret these 500 euros and time invested in the Pack Rise the obstacles on my project!
NathalieCédric ?
J’ai travaillé comme partenaire avec Cédric pendant plusieurs années ce qui m’a permis de développer de nouveaux projets et d’enrichir mon expérience avec des nouveaux outils. Je suis heureuse de pouvoir continuer à travailler avec lui dans son nouveau projet.
Marie-Elisabeth NORTH
Marie-Elisabeth NORTHEntrepreneure et communicante · 360ºNorth · Geteatout



- Lift your brakes to give a new dynamic to your project

- Reveal your talents and your potential to act

- Help you structure your strategy to see more clearly

- Support you to prioritize your ideas

- Challenge and advise you

- Encourage you at all stages of the development of your activities


- Manage the challenges encountered for you

- Represent you at key meetings

- Be a mediator in your interpersonal relationships

– Settle health or psycho-social issues


Our planet is my address, let's meet digitally to meet then physically.

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